Activities appeal to the child’s innate tendencies. At the pre-primary level we provide theme based activities that is learning related. Language is taught through phonetic sounds. Number work is taught through concrete examples and is led to conclude step by step in a logical way. EVS is taught through play involving investigation, exploration and discovery. To stimulate learning we have a special play area like Toy Room and Prop Box Activity Center which is a well-equipped room where students are led to discover the world around them based on the themes through fantasy or imaginative play. Multimedia and audio visual aids further facilitate their learning and the five-fold development i.e. Physical development, Social development, Emotional development, Mental development and Spiritual development.


The Primary school recognizes the link between development and learning. Inquiry based curriculum focuses on the child as a learner. To make students self-reliant and independent individuals learning takes place through project method and cooperative learning. To discourage rote learning teachers lead the students through various study skills. Language Activities (LAC), Mathematic activities (MAC), Science Activity Rooms, Exploration Lab provide the students an opportunity to explore and discover. Assignments, quizzes, competitions, debates, elocution, group discussions, club activities, experiments, research, etc. are the various techniques used for holistic development of the child. Here, the learning objectives are successfully combined with our philosophy of focusing on our students and their learning needs. We are uniquely open to flexibility of our courses and upgrade with all changes in the field of education.

Our Curators –Teachers and Their Training Programmes

A child’s first steps outside home and first ties outside the family are with their teachers. At DWPS, Agartala we believe education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectation. Being the guiding and inspiring force in a child’s life, it is vital to have some of the greatest mines enrich the students with the depth of knowledge required to excel in any field. Our teachers understand the uniqueness of each child and bring out his innate qualities and help reach his fullest potential. DWPS, Agartala aims to create best quality educators hence regular programmes are conducted to keep the teachers up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies. The programmes aim to inspire teachers go beyond textbooks and classroom teachings. All staff members of the school take part in a Continuous Professional Development and adequate resources are allocated to develop their skills.